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We added 4 stills from Dexter next episode “A Little Reflection” to our gallery.

thumb_806-1 thumb_806-13 thumb_806-15 thumb_806-17

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We’ve added to the gallery three stills of the upcoming episode  “Dress Code”.

pic4 pic8 

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We’ve added captures from Dexter Season 8 last episodes. Click in the pictures below to check each episode captures.

  • 8.01 “A Beautiful Day”

thumb_DEXTER-0149 thumb_DEXTER-0598 thumb_DEXTER-1192 thumb_DEXTER-2870

  • 8.02 “Every Silver Lining…”

thumb_DEXTER10668 thumb_DEXTER11050 thumb_DEXTER12781 thumb_DEXTER12879

  • 8.03 “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

thumb_DEXTER3-0147 thumb_DEXTER3-0264 thumb_DEXTER3-2122 thumb_DEXTER3-2357

  • 8.04 “Scar Tissue”

thumb_DEXTERD-0239 thumb_DEXTERD-0524 thumb_DEXTERD-2493 thumb_DEXTERD-2514

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It was added to the gallery three stills of the next episode “This Little Piggy”.

 805-20  805-8 805-20

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Jennifer Carpenter, 33, star of Showtime’s hit Dexter (Sundays, 9 P.M.) is a glass-half full kind of gal. “I carry a deck of self-affirmation cards to help me think positive,” the actress, dating rocker Seth Avett, 33, says of her leather Givenchy tote. “And I have a $2 bill – my sister says money attacks money!” Other essentials?

Getting Inked

“If there’s a great pen at a restaurant or hotel, I ask if I can take it. I don’t believe in stealing them — bad karma! I have one from the Maritime Hotel in New York City.”

She’s Got Game

“I’m addicted to playing Scrabble on my iPhone. My photos and music are also on there. I have Velodyne headphones — they’re awesome!”

Caffeine Fiend

“Coffee is the love of my life. People who really know me give me Starbucks cards. I have a bunch, all with $4 or $5 on them.”

Butter Up

“Korres shea butter lip balm is the best. Delta flight attendants give it out to first class passengers in a case with lotion and a toothbrush.”

Spare Pair

“I’m on a bowling league. I always have some Paul Smith socks with me, just in case I wear sandals to a game. We made it to the finals!”


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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Jennifer Carpenter to see where Deb — and Dexter — go from here. Warning, spoilers ahead!

The Hollywood Reporter: What does Deb learn after trying to kill both herself and Dexter?
Jennifer Carpenter: In the first four episodes of this season, Deb is searching for her bottom, and I think she’s surprised to see just how low it actually is. She hits it when the car hits the water. When she looks back, she is able to see Dexter as this living, breathing person and it makes him real in that instant. It makes all of the other stuff secondary to that. As long as he is alive there is hope for if not a real brother-sister relationship, but at least an understanding, and there’s hope for her having a real ally in her life. In that turn back to him in the car, she realizes that there aren’t so many differences between their ugliness; that he’s a little more developed and she’s guilty of the things she hates him for, whether he led her down that path or not, she has a bloody hand in it.

THR: How is this experience going to change her? Is this the first step toward forgiving Dex?
Carpenter: It’s like reading the last paragraph in a chapter of a book — it gives her a start to a new one. I’m not sure that Deb actually has the foresight to or even the tools to plan for what that might look like. Dexter numbs her ability to make plans because he’s forever changing the landscape of every situation. At the end of episode four, that repair certainly looks possible, not only with Dexter, but within herself. I think Deb is able to see him anew, not fresh and clean, and the slate certainly hasn’t been wiped clean, but it’s a possibility to change the picture drawn on it. Read the rest of the interview, after the jump.


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