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With the 2014 Emmy Awards nominations set to be announced July 10, Zap2it is making cases for the actors and shows that deserve some awards love, but would be surprising — and therefore very exciting nominees.

In the eight seasons Jennifer Carpenter portrayed Debra Morgan on Showtime’s “Dexter,” you’d be hard pressed to find any situation she hadn’t powered her way through. But in the drama’s final season, Debra faced her biggest challenges yet. It was heartbreaking and shocking to watch the normally stoic Deb while she struggled with guilt and battled with alcohol abuse and tried to end up on top after finding out she had been lied to and betrayed by the people she loved most her entire life.

Carpenter managed to allow viewers to find a way to relate to Deb after learning her brother Dexter (Michael C. Hall) was a serial killer, and for that alone she should be commended. Debra was strong in her convictions and wouldn’t back down when she faced a challenge, and Carpenter led us through that emotional journey in the most beautiful of ways. In eight seasons, viewers watched not only Debra get stronger and come into her own, but also Carpenter as well. She never let personal challenges weaken Debra, and if anything using them to strengthen the character.

Regardless how you felt about the way the long running series ended, there is no denying Carpenter showcased her best work yet in the final season. The range of emotion and the hard work she displayed to show the light and shade of the character is something rare and beautiful that should not go without recognition.

Although the show itself has gotten several accolades over the years, including Emmys for direction and guest stars, Carpenter has yet to be nominated for her work in “Dexter’s” eight seasons. This being “Dexter’s” final eligible year, Emmy voters would be greatly mistaken to leave Carpenter without a nomination, for not only the incredible work she displayed in Season 8, but her character development and variation throughout the entire series run.

The competition in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama category will for sure be steep, with actresses in award darlings “Breaking Bad,” “Homeland” and “Mad Men” in the running. However, in the spirit of credit being given where credit is due, we hope the Emmy voters will acknowledge Jennifer Carpenter’s beautiful range of work for “Dexter’s” final stab in 2014.

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Today we celebrate Jennifer Carpenter birthday! Watch below a video with messages from Jennifer fans wishing her a wonderful day! Thankyou to everyone who joined the project!

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Thanks to MichaelCHall.RU we uploaded new photos from a old Jennifer Carpenter photo session. You can view the photos by clicking in the pictures below.

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Jennifer Carpenter went last night to the 2013 Paley Fest Previews: “Fall Farewell” the Dexter Event. Click in the pictures below and check more pictures in the gallery.

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